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Fodder Production Equipments

We manufacture and supply continuous oil seed processing machinery such as flaking mills, rolling mills, screw presses and conditioners. These high speed machines are used for extracting oil from oil seeds and its by-products in variety of applications for the vegetable oil and chemical industry.




  • Line featuring screw presses (Expellers) for the production of animal fodder.
  • Cracker Rolls
  • Flaker Mills for crushing oil seeds
  • Presses for secondary expelling of oil seeds especially for Groundnut and Mustard Seeds.
  • Conditioning unit
  • The use of solvents to extract vegetable oil is one o the most common and proven industrial process. We offer tailor made system featuring extractors with capacities ranging from 50 to 3000 T/day. Our plants assure a high degree of reliability-optimized yield, low energy distillation and efficient solvent recovery. Our process and equipments offer considerable advantages like high oil yields, low protein denaturation (High Protein Dispensability Index) and separation of valuable oil components like Lecithin.