Open Width Scouring, Bleaching & Dyeing Machine

First time in India, a Digital Tension Controlled open width scouring, bleaching and dyeing machines are designed, developed and manufactured indigeneously by SMET.

This machine is the best import substitute available in India for the processing of fabric in tension less and open width condition.


  • Totally Enclosed process chamber
  • Controlled Tension on the fabric 5kg - 65kg
  • Lowest energy consumption (3 units per hour for 1000kg Module)
  • Lowest liquor ratio (1:0.5)
  • Lowest steam, colour & chemical consumption due to lower liquor ratio
  • Fabric tension can be set as required and is measured and displayed.
  • MMI (Display) for acquiring all the process data, Parameters, Energy consumption per batch
  • Constant speed operation through out the cycle
  • Natural feel of the fabric assured, as controlled tension fabric process allows natural shrinkage
  • Auto Sampling position
  • Digital speed control
  • No nip pressure on the fabric roll
  • Direct & Indirect heating
  • Roof heating
  • Oscillating motion during stoppage