Environmental Solutions

We offer appropriate technologies at affordable project investment on total turnkey basis for manufacture of Ethanol from cane molasses and purification of Ethanol for use as fuel additives with petrol / gasoline.

The most modern Molecular sieve technology will be sued for converting industrial Alcohol into fuel grade Ethanol. We also offer the conventional extractive distillation technology.

Our Company is totally geared for design, engineering and manufacture of equipments.

Health Food Solutions

Soya extraction plants & edible oil refiners

SMET presents itself as a one-stop shop, to cater to all your needs for the manufacture of plant and machinery for soya extraction and vegetable oil refineries.

Our products and services can broadly be divided into three categories:

  • Supplying total turnkey projects & equipments
  • Continuous refinery
  • Batch Plants
Oil processing technology and services:
  • Continuous degumming
  • Continuous neutralization
  • Continuous bleaching
  • Pressure leaf filters
  • Continuous deodorizer
  • Continuous deacidification/physical refining
  • Pioneering in physical refining of crude palm oil and rice bran oil
  • Vanaspati ghee plant
  • Solvent extraction plant
  • Pilot plants up gradation

Complete water management solutions

SMET offers a broad range of experience and expertise in potable water treatment and wastewater treatment systems (both industrial and sewage effluents), in terms of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance. An experienced team of professional offer tailor made solutions for all types of water and wastewater treatment problems.

Environmental systems

offered Raw water treatment plants (pre-treatment)

  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Boiler water treatment plants
  • Cooling water treatment plants
  • Process / ultra pure water plants
  • Desalination plants based on RO as well as Resin technology
  • Package sewage treatment plants
  • Municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Biological treatment plants for organic waste treatment
  • Chemical treatment plants for industrial effluents
  • Effluent recycling plants and zero discharge schemes
  • Sludge dewatering systems