SMET Printing Range

Computerized Flat & Rotary Screen Printing Machines


As the Fashion Industry demands from the Textile Processor, Quality of print, Printer in turn expects his Machine to be perfect all the time. We at SMET have dedicated ourselves to meet the Printer's expectations.

Our Machines will stand out against all other alternates for Printing Machines.

Our long experience in the Textile Printing field has encourages us to Manufacture the machine with these features, with a Printer always expects from his Machine.

The most important feature of this machine is the Flexibility of the Operation that a Printer will not get I any other Machine. Printer can use the Machine to suit his requirement. As the fashion trend changes quite often and very fast, it is important that the Printing Machine should have total Flexibility.

We are sure our Machine will meet printer's expectation.

The unique Printing Machines, with latest technology of Servo drive and digital control for repeat settings is a standard feature of our machines.

Our goal is to offer a Technology that is more reliable and more accurate than the conventional systems used in present machines.

The Computerized Printing Machines with high technology, coupled with low maintenance cost and optimized price / performance ratio and user friendly aspects ensures high speed, efficient and superior printing of various fabrics, including natural or synthetic fabric, woven or knitted.

SMET print6ing range is of robust construction, sturdy high precision components, with digital speed synchronization and maintains the accuracy in long run printing.