Super e-Con "EUROPA" Stenter

SMET Super e-con 'Europa' Stenters have an important role to play in a drying and finishing works. The State-of-the-Art digital electronic control system with recipe management ensures consistent fabric quality. The colour touch screen display with PPVC systems is the link between man and machine. All process parameters like temperature, tension, humidity, moisture are controlled and displayed in real time on the screen.

Salient Features of "Europa"

  • Non-lube Chain * Optimized air - circulation with closed circuit design for higher performance and energy saving * Cleaning of lint-screens from outside without stopping the machine * Energy conservation due to closed circuit design * Improved insulation of the drying chambers guarantees high thermal efficiency * Designed to prevent fresh air mixing * High energy conservation due to Innovative design * Unique designed radial fans * The unique designed perforated nozzles, which impart Higher velocity due to reduced nozzle area at no extra energy cost
  • Total Digital Control of Operation & Process * Process Parameter Visulatization & Control System with Colour Touch Screen * Digital Over Feed Setting * Digital Temperature Control* Dwell time Control and Moisture Control * Set Tensions at feeding and delivery ends * Exhaust Temperatures ad Humidity Control * Display of Production Energy Cost and Process Parameters